, Evolution Shotcrete

We are specialists in shotcrete application for engineering related fields such as: mining, oil + gas and rail sectors as well as civil, commercial and architecture projects. This often includes concrete applications such as: retaining walls, slope stabilisation, dam spillways, drainage and tunnels.

Wall Shotcrete Application


The practice of Shotcrete (previously known as gunite) is the new generation of concrete application technology. Using a hose capable of projecting wet mix concrete at high velocity onto a multitude of surfaces evenly and compacted is the easiest, fastest and most economic way to apply concrete. Unlike traditional methods of concrete application, shotcrete can be applied to any surface shape and can be done so both vertically and on overhead areas – allowing application from high-rise construction to long distance tunnels. Evolution Shotcrete have the very best in shotcrete equipment and expertly trained shotcrete workers and engineers.

Our Shotcrete Scope of Service

Our scope of shotcrete services include but are not limited to the following:

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