Evolution has been working in the Australian residential market, building high-grade home foundations, basements, retaining walls and pools with custom rock simulations. Often we find that homeowners associate conventional concrete blocking and poured cement with smaller scale cement projects.

Our aim is to re-educate the market by the communicating that shotcrete is not only great for large scale and industrial projects but also the most economical and efficient way to complete smaller scale jobs and with a higher quality result.

Shotcrete foundations, basements and pools are not only more durable and stronger, but can create a unique aesthetically appealing finish.

Some residential properties have restricting layouts that make it difficult for standard pour concrete operations to take place.

Our team of shotcreters and engineers can accomplish an almost infinite range of custom shaping and produce highly realistic,  custom simulated rock formations around pools and retaining structures.

, Evolution Shotcrete

With shotcrete, less mesh structuring is required and our equipment is compact allowing us to work on properties of any size.

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