Have you ever thought about transforming your outdoor area into something more natural and vibrant? Do you have a bleak looking swimming pool that you want to make more lively? One simple yet effective way of achieving these goals is through adding an artificial rock formation. Of course, you’ll need to add other features such as plants and trees, but rock themed landscapes are becoming increasingly popular in both residential and commercial settings.


Instead of using real rocks, shotcrete artificial rocks are a cheap alternative that provide a natural looking finish. If you’ve recently visited a shopping mall, museum, theme park, resort, or golf course, you may have seen a rock formation that makes the landscape look more energetic and exciting. If you’re interested in creating a rock formation at home, there are a range of benefits in using shotcrete artificial rocks instead of real rocks, and we’re going to take a closer look at these benefits in today’s article.


Custom Shapes

One of the biggest advantages of shotcrete artificial rocks is that they can be customised into any shape or size. While we can all appreciate the beauty of real rocks, it’s extremely difficult to find a rock that fits your design perfectly. Shotcrete artificial rocks resemble real rocks in their texture (made from concrete), but they’re also much lighter than real rocks which make them much easier to move without the need for heavy machinery. In fact, many people find it hard to distinguish between real rocks and shotcrete artificial rocks simply because moss and lichen will readily grow on shotcrete rocks which adds to their realism.



Once the shotcrete artificial rock formations have been built, special paints and coatings are then applied to create realistic rock surfaces. There is a vast range of colours that can be applied to shotcrete artificial rocks to match the surrounding areas, and if you decide to change the colour scheme after a few years, this can easily be done. In most cases, changing the colour scheme of your shotcrete artificial rock formations will add a whole new flavour to your landscape.


Any Location

The best part of shotcrete artificial rocks is that can be custom made and put in any location. Considering that shotcrete rocks are generally hollow, they can be used to cover unattractive objects such as electrical boxes, pipes, and pumps which would otherwise diminish the natural look of your landscape. Shotcrete artificial rocks can also be designed to create large overhangs in a much safer and affordable way, considering that natural rocks can crack, fall, and potentially crush whomever is underneath them. Furthermore, when used to create artificial rock walls, shotcrete rocks can be created with polystyrene insulation to offer a surface that’s not only more durable, but also insulated.



The costs of buying, transporting, and positioning real rocks can be very expensive, considering the labour and machinery required to carry out such an intensive task. Shotcrete artificial rocks are a much cheaper alternative and can be created according to your specifications. Considering that they are hollow, the costs of materials are quite low and most of the costs would equate to the contractor’s time.


At Evolution Shotcrete, our team of engineers and shotcreters can create an almost infinite range of custom shapes and produce highly realistic rock formations for your home’s landscape. Whether you wish to create a customised water feature or a realistic artificial rock wall, our team have you covered. We also specialise in creating shotcrete swimming pools, so if you’re interested in transforming your outdoor area into a natural oasis, get in touch with our team by phoning 07 5561 8885.