Tips For Choosing A Swimming Pool For The Home

So, you’ve decided that you want a swimming pool at home. Dragging the kids to the beach or the local swimming pool is becoming a chore. Or, perhaps you just want the luxury of being able to dip your toes into a pool after a hard days work?


Plenty of Australians have decided that a swimming pool in the backyard is the best option for them. But, when you start looking at pools at your local pool shop or online, the choices and decisions to make all of a sudden becomes a burden. To make things easier, we’ve put together a few tips that can help you to have the perfect swimming pool in your own yard.


  • Remember why you want a swimming pool
    As the process continues of getting a pool installed into your yard, many people lose sight of the whole reason why they decided to get a pool in the first place. Some people want it for the pure luxury and others want something at home to keep teenage children home for longer than five minutes. Whatever your reasons, remember why you wanted a pool in the first place. This will help you with any major decision-making that will inevitably come up during the building process.
  • Select the best pool type that will work for you and your needs
    You may be thinking that all pools are the same and all are equal. Well, unfortunately, that isn’t true. The pool you choose can have a long-term impact on how satisfied you are with your pool into the future. Because a pool can’t be simply replaced if you’re not happy, this means you need to choose a pool that is right the first time (no pressure!). The main types of pools available are fibreglass, vinyl-liner pools or concrete pools. All have their own benefits and aesthetics, so it’s best to have a look at each pool type and decide which works for you.
  • Consider the size of the area you have for your new pool
    You may be in a small apartment or townhouse or you may live on acreage. Either way, each different size of property will have its own benefits and you may have limited options depending on the location of your new pool. If you only have a small area to work with or even an odd-shaped area, a fibreglass pool may not be viable. Fibreglass pools are often “off-the-shelf” types of pools and are a one-size-fits all alternative. This may work if you have a lot of room to work with. However for a smaller area, you may need something a little more custom-made, which is where a concrete pool will work wonders.
  • Think outside of the box
    Gone are the days where pools are all one colour and have an ugly tall fence around it so it cannot be viewed and enjoyed. There are plenty of ways to be creative with your pool and fencing so it’s a great time to get creative and think about new ways to incorporate a pool into your backyard. Not the creative type? A landscaper or garden designer may be able to help you see outside the box and design a beautiful pool and garden space all in one.


If you’re thinking of adding a concrete swimming pool to your yard, contact the experts in shotcreting, Evolution Shotcrete. We can help with custom swimming pool designs, as well as pools with custom rock formations for something a little different. Contact Evolution Shotcrete today by calling 07 5561 8885 or visit here for more information.