What Is Shotcrete Made Of? Why You Should Consider Using Shotcrete For Your Next Project

Many people ask what shotcrete is made of and what is it even used for. Many people even go so far as to think that shotcrete is a mere spelling error. The fact is shotcrete, or sprayed concrete as it is sometimes known, is concrete or mortar that is pushed through a hose and projected at high speed and velocity as a technique for construction.


How is shotcrete used?


Using a hose to project wet mix concrete can be utilised onto a number of surfaces evenly and easily. In fact, the whole shotcrete is one of the fastest and most economic way of applying concrete.


Shotcrete (once known as gunite) is the next step in concrete application technology. Shotcrete can be used and applied to any surface shape making it have more uses than traditional concrete work. Shotcrete can also be applied vertically and on overhead areas. This means shotcrete can be used on anything from high-rise buildings to long distance tunnels.


What is shotcrete used for?


Because of how diverse shotcrete can be, shotcrete is able to be used for a number of different projects and applications. It has been used for the mining, oil, gas and rail sectors for a number of different reasons. However, it is also used for civil and residential projects across Australia. Some common uses include slope stabilisation, dam spillways, tunnels, drainage and retaining walls.


Can shotcrete be used for asset maintenance?


Shotcrete is the perfect choice for maintaining certain structures and buildings. If you want to protect, repair and/or reinforce your assets, shotcrete may be the perfect choice. Some applications for shotcrete maintenance and repair include (but are not limited to):

  • Fire damaged buildings
  • Steel fixing
  • Dams and reservoirs
  • Canal linings
  • Existing buildings made of concrete that have eroded or have become damaged
  • Bridges
  • Buildings
  • Aqueducts
  • Retaining walls
  • River and sea walls
  • Soil and rock stabilisation


Applying shotcrete to an existing structure is one of the best ways of maintaining and keeping the structure intact. Changes in temperature or weather can cause problems for concrete structures, therefore using shotcrete to repair or maintain the building or structure can save you money in the long run. It’s also an excellent way to reduce wastage and requires little to no follow up application or maintenance.


What is the main advantage of using shotcrete?


Easily one of the best reasons to use shotcrete over traditional concrete methods is how easy it is to apply shotcrete. In difficult locations and situations, shotcrete can be applied with ease. You will also find that the shotcrete process is a lot faster therefore meaning the project will be completed quickly. Less framework is also required for shotcrete applications, as well as little to no maintenance or re-application after completion.


How do I find a shotcrete contractor?

It’s important to utilise a proficient and experienced contractor for all of your shotcreting needs. The contractor you do choose to use should also have the latest equipment and enough experience to ensure the project runs smoothly without any problems. The best shotcrete contractors and companies will have their own in-house engineering team who can work alongside the shotcreting team to ensure the project is accurate and stable.


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